The Edible Collective

The Edible Collective could be an exclusive network of high-quality sites that love food.

The members of the Collective would be chosen for three simple reasons: They love to eat, they love to cook, and their readers love exactly the same things. We love food, and the sites in the collective are singularly focused on sharing it with the world. By being passionate about the subject, they inspire dedicated, and engaged readership.

A Quieter Kind of Ad

The traditional banner ad is the price we pay for free content — and it truly is a price: we pay for them in bandwidth, we pay for them in download and rendering times, we pay for them by allowing them to fracture our attention as we browse the web. We want to do things better, by providing advertisements that add to the browsing experience, instead of detracting from it.

The Collective only accepts advertising for products or services we know our readers will engage with. Our ads are small, and the messaging is clear. The Collective's ads are the first ad on the page, and in most cases the only one.

We are coming soon.

Well, we were coming soon. We got waylaid by a recession and paying work. But now we are again in a more entrepreneurial frame of mind, and perhaps we might be coming soon again? Who knows.